Shazam 2 joins the ever-growing list of movies with delayed release dates due to coronavirus, along with DC’s other upcoming flicks The Batman and The Flash. Following the success of the first Shazama sequel was confirmed back in December 2019 for April 2022. The movie is still in its early days, but now it looks like it won't be released until the following November.

While unfortunate, this typically wouldn’t change too much in the grand scheme of things. But Shazam is unique in that its entire premise centers on a young boy who transforms into an adult superhero. Billy Baston (Asher Angel) incarnates the body of Shazam (Zachary Levi) after he proves himself worthy of his powers. In addition, his foster siblings also experience a similar transformation at the end of the first movie. But Shazam began filming in January of 2018. That means over two years have passed since Angel first stepped into the role of Billy — he was 15 years old when principal photography began. This poses a unique problem in the world of Shazam. When filming does finally get underway, Angel will likely be 18. And a lot of growing up happens between those two ages.

The IT franchise experienced a similar dilemma, as both IT and IT: Chapter Two were supposed to take place within the same relative time frame. Because of the rapid maturing of its young actors, filming had to be fast tracked, and even then they used anti-aging technology on members of the Losers Club.

No one knows when large-scale productions will be allowed to resume — all anyone can do is wait. In Shazam's case, the creative team will have to find a workaround. After all, one day you're 15, then shazam! you’re a legal adult.

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