We all know that Marvel is currently developing 'Ant-Man', 'Black Panther', 'Doctor Strange' and a few other properties for the next phase of their cinematic universe, but one character we haven't heard any updates on is Silver Surfer. So will we ever see the Surfer hop aboard his own movie? One guy in the know - Stan Lee - thinks so!

In an interview with MTV, Lee gives his thoughts on the 'Fantastic Four' movies from a few years ago (he likes the movies, doesn't like Dr. Doom), and got to talking about Norrin Radd, aka the intergalactic entity known as the Silver Surfer. Lee lets it be known that he can't envision a Marvel movie universe without the character showing up eventually.

Well, let me put it to you this way: Back at Marvel, they are frantically looking for what is the next one they’re going to do. There is no way they won’t eventually do a Silver Surfer movie. It may not be for a few years because they’re thinking and working on Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything we have. And the fans seem to want all of them. But they’ll get around to a Silver Surfer feature because he’s a wonderful character.

There were plans for a Silver Surfer film a handful of years ago, right after 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' came out, but the reception for that film was tepid (at best), and Fox eventually settled on rebooting the 'Fantastic Four' franchise.

But the more interstellar the Marvel movies become, the easier it is to agree with Lee's assessment. It's certainly not a stretch to picture the Silver Surfer traveling alongside the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' sometime in the future.

[Ed. note: What Mr. Lee is forgetting is that Marvel doesn't own the cinematic rights to Silver Surfer, Fox does. And Marvel can't and won't get them back as long as Fox continues to develop the 'Fantastic Four' universe.]

What do you think? Does the Silver Surfer deserve another shot at big-screen glory?