By now you’re well-aware of the big twist on last week’s episode of Game of Thrones — thanks to tabloid reports and transparent deflections and flat-out lies from cast and crew alike, Jon Snow’s revival was probably the worst-kept secret in recent TV history. Still, fans had to sit through two of the most painful hours of the series before we finally got to what we all knew was coming. It’s okay, SNL feels your pain.

Spoofing the climactic final scene from last week’s episode, Taran Killam gives what might be his best impression yet as the perfectly gruff Ser Davos, who asks Kate McKinnon’s delightfully bizarre Melisandre to bring Jon Snow back to life — but it’s almost like an afterthought, which is kind of how it felt while watching the series. Like, three days later and someone finally says, “Oh, right, we have a witch.”

But the real centerpiece of the sketch is guest host Brie Larson and Cecily Strong, who basically play your inner monologue (or outer, if you like shouting at your TV) while watching Game of Thrones. The pair dismiss the show’s extended dramatic beats and lame plot digressions like that time Davos learned how to read, and — of course — the way the first two episodes of this season painfully prolonged the inevitable.

Sure, there are great arguments to be made in favor of such an excellent character-driven show (which it is), but Game of Thrones isn’t immune to a little (arguably well-deserved) mockery.

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