Star Wars fandom was renewed all over after the latest Force Awakens trailer, while Star Wars Rebels points our way to the franchise future, though many still lament the loss of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Among the presentations at Star Wars Celebration this week, The Clone Wars heads have revealed a great deal of unproduced material, including Boba Fett’s rise, and an early introduction of Expanded Universe villains the Yuuzhan Vong.

Former Clone Wars Supervising Producer and current Rebels head David Filoni joined Pablo Hidalgo for the panel, which showed off unused and partially finished artwork of everything from aborted Wookiee storylines to the return of Asajj Ventress. Disney had pulled the plug on The Clone Wars during production of its sixth season to make room for Rebels and a new vision of the Star Wars franchise, while some of the existing work was turned into “Lost Missions” on Netflix and future Star Wars novels.

Among  the treasure trove of material (a full gallery of which can be found on IGN), The Clone Wars would have brought back bounty hunter Cad Bane for an arc with young Boba Fett (now in his full green armor) exploring the Sand People of Tatooine, while another would have checked in on Ahsoka Tano far sooner than her appearance in Star Wars Rebels. One particular item of interest, an episode would eventually have featured a “scout” of the Yuuzhan Vong, an alien race from the now-defunct Expanded Universe that notably existed “outside” the Force, and posed a grave threat to the entire galaxy.

Star Wars Clone Wars Yuuzhan Vong

You can check out the Yuuzhan Vong photo for yourself below, while there’s a great deal more to see at the link above. Some of the unused Clone Wars idea will themselves end up in Star Wars Rebels, but are we better off with an animated series focused more closely on the original trilogy? Will any other aspects of the Expanded Universe end up re-incorporated into canon?

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