Disney’s Star Wars Rebels has put in plenty of work connecting to the original Star Wars trilogy with appearances from Billy Dee Williams’ Lando, James Earl Jones’ Darth Vader and more, but the latest additions may reach into the franchise’s past and future. The identity of the mysterious “Fulcrum” may have been revealed, along with a trio of major OT characters for Star Wars Rebels Season 2!

Be warned of some major potential spoilers for Star Wars Rebels Seasons 1 and 2, but according to LatinoReview, the identity of the hooded “Fulcrum” helping the titular rebels may turn out to be a familiar face. Per RebelsReport, and seemingly confirmed by LR, “Fulcrum” will eventually be unmasked as Anakin’s Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, one of the major dangling threads from supervising director Dave Filoni’s previous prequel series.

That’s not all, however! Not only will Ashley Eckstein return to voice the older Jedi knight, but so too will Ahsoka prove a major presence in in the already-ordered Season 2, which should lead to some exciting confrontations with her old mentor Darth Vader, again voiced by James Earl Jones. MakingStarWars reveals that Tano and Vader will both appear in the Season 2 premiere, possibly* alongside returning Clone Wars star Tim Curry as Emperor Palpatine.

*The report identifies Palpatine’s vocal portrayer as “not a sweet transvestite” which could be interpreted a number of ways. A commenter suggests that Sam Witwer might instead reprise his Palpatine role from The Force Unleashed, which could also fit earlier rumblings we’d heard about the star lending his voice to the series, and about the same time as James Earl Jones would have recorded his lines.

Had enough? No? Well, how about that TheBeardedTrio claims Season 2 will feature none other than Han Solo among the Star Wars Rebels, though the outlet cryptically only offered that “The actor has been associated with playing the character previously.” We have a hard time imagining Harrison Ford returning to Han Solo for a cartoon, so who else might be in play?

It’s nice to see Star Wars Rebels reach as much forward as back, bringing Clone Wars characters back into play as more and more Original Trilogy characters show up for appearances. What other major Star Wars stars might figure into Rebels Season 2?

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