A 'Star Wars: Episode 7' trailer this early in the game (filming isn't scheduled to begin until early 2014) might seem strange, but there is some solid speculation that the first teaser trailer could be in theaters with 'Thor 2' and online next week.

UPDATE - Our friends at Slashfilm have confirmed that the 'Star Wars' teaser trailers on YouTube are not leading to an 'Episode 7' announcement next week. Of course, J.J. Abrams has been known to tell fibs before...

UPDATE #2 - And just like that, we have a somewhat shocking 'Star Wars: Episode 7' announcement.

An eagle-eyed Redditor noticed the following updates to the 'Star Wars' YouTube channel. On October 9, they posted the first trailer for Episode IV. One week later, on October 16, the first teaser for 'The Empire Strikes Back.' A week after that, the trailer for 'Return of the Jedi.' One week after that day would be October 30; the exact date last year when 'Star Wars: Episode 7' was announced. Coincidence? Maybe.

But, it also matches with rumors we have heard that there would be a big 'Star Wars' announcement this month, finally confirming the return of the original cast as well as new actors joining the franchise. The reason it's be held to this point was reportedly at the request of star Harrison Ford, who wanted to avoid an endless series of 'Star Wars' questions while he was out promoting 'Ender's Game' (which opens in theaters on November 1). And, with 'Thor 2' opening on November 8, it'd be an easy way for Disney (who distribute both Marvel and 'Star Wars' movies) to sneak the trailer into theaters.

Obviously, with filming still a few months away, there will be no actual filmed footage to show in a 'Star Wars: Episode 7' trailer, but that hasn't stopped J.J. Abrams before. The master of the tease could already be working on a fun way to announce the new 'Star Wars' film while revealing the logo/title of the new adventure.

Either way, it's probably a good idea to circle October 30 on your calendar to see if there's a big 'Star Wars: Episode 7' announcement.

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