It wasn’t immediately clear if Netflix intended Stranger Things as a one-off series or something deeper, but the tidal wave of praise to follow its July premiere should have sealed the deal. We’re closer to Season 2 than we might think, as Netflix bosses admit “we would be dumb not to” renew the breakout hit for another year, something we heartily agree with.

The quote in question came from Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings to The Guardian, pointing toward the overwhelming likelihood of an imminent season 2 renewal. “We would be dumb not to” makes Stranger Things Season 2 seem all but a done deal, while Netflix content head Ted Sarandos said only last week:

We always want to take some time to be thoughtful about the process. When we first come out of the gate with something, we have an idea where it’s going to go but it’s sensible for us to let the show breathe. People are falling in love with it, let’s focus on season one.

Thus far of a potential second season, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have teased a likely one-year time-jump to account for the young actors’ aging, for which an 8-bit video game could conceivably fill the gap. Season 2 would also dive deeper into the “Upside-Down” world, introducing new characters to help carry the series over to several seasons.

Hastings’ comments make Stranger Things’ renewal just a matter of time, but how much longer will Netflix wait to confirm?

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