Now that Stranger Things Season 2 has officially gotten underway with loads of new and returning guest stars, official Atlanta production will commence for a 2017 premiere. We don’t know when exactly in 2017 to expect Eleven’s return, but director Shawn Levy confirms that he and co-creators the Duffer brothers will follow a familiar shooting pattern as last year, even with an extended order.

Collider had a chance to catch up with Levy, in the process confirming that the Arrival producer would return to direct at least two episodes of Stranger Things Season 2. Levy previously took up directorial duties to allow the Duffer brothers time to catch up on scripts, and will charmingly follow the same pattern this year:

We are a little superstitious so just like last year, they’re doing 1 and 2, I’m going in and doing 3 and 4. So the first four are gonna kick off exactly the same as last time… I am going to start prepping right around Thanksgiving and I’ll be filming my episodes through December and January.

Levy also revealed that apparent sightings of Millie Bobby Brown trick-or-treating around Atlanta spoiled their intent to reveal Eleven’s return (did anyone ever really doubt this?), but stopped short of speculating when in 2017 the new episodes would premiere:

I do have a sense of it. It was promised when we announced that we were picked up for Season 2 and we gave those chapter headings, I believe it ended with ‘Coming in 2017’ and that much is true. You can do a little bit of math, we’re not magicians so there’s no way it launches in Spring since I just admitted we started filming today, and we’re doing nine.

Elsewhere of Stranger Things Season 2, we know shooting will take place in Atlanta through April for a 2017 premiere. The story will pick up in the fall of 1984, while creators Matt and Ross Duffer have teased a James Cameron sequel influence in crafting the second chapter. We’ll also learn more about the Demogorgon and Upside Down, as teased in our exclusive concept art piece, while Sadie Sink and Power Rangers star Dacre Montgomery have been added to the cast in regular roles, along with original Goonies star Sean Astin, Aliens baddie Paul Reiser, and actress Linnea Berthelsen.

More Stranger Things details are surely coming, but will Season 2 still make it a summer premiere?

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