Oh Tywin Lannister, is there nothing you don't come across coolly vindictive in?  Cinemax's UK action thriller 'Strike Back' barrels toward the sixth episode of its season tonight, and if you haven't strapped in for this explosive Friday thriller, you're missing out!  With Mossad hot on the trail of Stonebridge and Scott, Conrad Knox ('Game of Thrones' Charles Dance) unveils his deadly plans, but what happens when his home comes under attack?

In anticipation of tonight's all-new installment of Cinemax's 'Strike Back,' we managed to score an exclusive clip of current series big bad Tywin Lannister Conrad Knox, best known to American audiences for his villainous turn in 'Game of Thrones.'  But, does 'Strike Back' see him every bit as menacing?

In the clip below, Knox's security consultant Matlock (Vincent Regan) attempts to warn his employer that Section 20 may soon connect him with various criminal activities with an unknown agenda, though Knox seems undeterred by the news.  Meanwhile, an operative infiltrates the compound, cutting off security!  Will either Knox or Matlock bite the big one?  Who is this mysterious new foe?

From tonight's official 'Strike Back' episode description:

Stonebridge and Scott confide in each other about their mistakes – Stonebridge’s desire for revenge on Craig Hanson (Shane Taylor), who has appeared in Capetown, and Scott’s connection with Rebecca (Lyne Renée), a Mossad agent tracking their case, but with very different orders from theirs. Knox takes Evans to a secret facility, where he reveals how he plans to make Africa a world power. Stonebridge befriends Knox’s idealistic daughter, Ava (Olivia Grant), who runs their foundation and weapons decommissioning program.

Check out our exclusive clip from tonight's all-new episode of 'Strike Back,' and be sure to watch tonight on Cinemax at 10:00 p.m.!