The moment Supergirl confirmed that Season 2 would move to The CW, Vancouver production and all, fans knew that a star of Calista Flockhart’s pedigree wasn’t likely to travel along with it. So it was, that Cat Grant departed Season 2 after only a few episodes, but are there at least plans to check in on Kara’s mentor and former boss before Season 2 is out?

Unfortunately, we may not actually see Calista Flockhart again in Season 2, to say nothing of whether any 2017 episodes update us on Cat’s journey. TVLine reports that “Flockart is not currently confirmed to appear in any additional Season 2 episodes,” though at the very least, “there’s talk of a short-term comeback in the spring.”

For the most part, the role of Kara’s CatCo boss has largely been filled by Cougar Town star Ian Gomez as DC journalist Snapper Carr, while James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) took over Cat’s actual position. Back in August, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said of Cat’s exit:

Supergirl wouldn’t be Supergirl without the amazing Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant. We are so excited Calista has agreed to continue on the show when she can. We and the audience love to see her on screen.

There’s time enough in Supergirl Season 2 filming for Flockhart to put in a small appearance, but like Maxwell Lord, is Cat Grant more less lost to CBS? Stay tuned for the latest in 2017.

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