Last year saw Arrow and Flash celebrating their history of crossovers with a tongue-in-cheek “Superhero Fight Club,” and with two new DC dramas presaging a four-way crossover this fall, who could resist a return? Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow join the fray, so get an early at The CW’s DC heroes crossing paths for another fight club bout!

Ahead of next week kicking off The CW’s DC lineup with The Flash and Arrow premieres, the collective casts of all four series got together for another “Superhero Fight Club” promo. You’ll need to download the CW app to see the full version (for now), but consider it worth it for Supergirl chiding Oliver’s lack of Kryptonite arrows, or Dig's reaction to Martian Manhunter. Plus, did we mention a certain primal cameo?

Of course, we’ll be able to see the various heroes crossing paths a little later this fall for a four-way, three-part crossover, but feel free to salivate over the “Superhero Fight Club” tease again above, and stay tuned for the latest.

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