Both Arrow and The Flash have already crossed over with each other enough times to make our heads spin, with plenty more to come leading into either CW series’ final episodes this season, not to mention that insane spinoff. Now, the DC dramas come together for their biggest crossover yet, as the CW stars brawl through a “Superhero Fight Club”!

The Flash tweeted out a link to the surprising video, which tongue-in-cheekily features Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen leading Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen into the titular fight club’s caged ring, wherein almost all of the major heroes and villains go toe-to-toe, including Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Ra’s al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn, and Firestorm, with even Victor Garber’s Martin Stein keeping score on the side.

Of course, in spite of all the crossover we know to come in the remaining Flash and Arrow episodes, one wonders if the bizarre video intentionally teases the impending Atom-centric teamup spinoff, given Ray Palmer’s arrival in the video, or the general presence of Palmer Technologies throughout. In any case, it certainly seems to have been an involved production for a such a fleeting tease, as well as a major showcase for the shows’ stunt doubles.

Oh, and not for nothing, but Heat Wave’s flame-crush on Firestorm is completely bonkers-adorable.

Arrow Flash Superhero Fight Club Heat Wave Firestorm

The Flash will return tomorrow for an “All Star Team Up,” while Arrow takes aim with a “Broken Arrow” on Wednesday, but judge for yourself what the “Superhero Fight Club” means by watching up above!

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