CBS’ Supergirl has officially touched down from her series premiere, and whatever we made of the pilot, DC baddies are already lining up to take Superman’s cousin down. Check out the full Supergirl season trailer to come, including new looks at Reactron and Red Tornado, and all the love triangle goodness you can handle! Not between Kara and the villains, though. That’d be weird.

While the pilot itself has made the rounds for months, Supergirl let fly with additional footage from the season, including Kara’s efforts to reign in some of her alter-ego’s publicity, and a number of DC villains. Not to mention, as the pilot teased in its final moments, we’ll also see plenty of Kara squaring off against her aunt Astra, who looks coincidentally just like our new Supergirl’s Kryptonian mother (Laura Benanti).

You can check out the new Supergirl trailer for yourself up, up and above, but did the pilot live up to expectations? Will Supergirl manage to keep its same height, with so many DC villains in the mix?

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