Eliza, the vampiric new character chosen by fan votes, will finally be making it into Tekken Revolution. This new trailer shows off her moves and a few of her more endearing character quirks.

Fans asked for her and now they're going to get her when she's eventually added to the roster in the free-to-play fighting game, Tekken Revolution. Eliza is an attractive vampire whose moves seem to always accompany a flurry of bats and blood. As might have been expected, a lot of her grab attacks feature a blood-sucking component, whether it be a bite to the neck or even to the abdomen. We can kinda dig it.

Eliza also has a ground projectile that's reminiscent of King of Fighter's Terry Bogard's Power Wave attack. This move looks like it can be linked into combos a number of ways, opening up the enemy for more attacks.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Eliza is the fact that she seems to be a narcoleptic. She nods off during a few cutscenes and during her win animation, but let's just hope her condition doesn't affect her in the middle of a fight.

There's no word on when she'll be added to the Tekken Revolution roster, but we'll keep you updated as the information is made available. Until then, watch her trailer above and study her moves!