For a long time, Terry Crews hasn’t been particularly subtle about his desire to play a superhero. With his shaved head, absurdly muscular physique and commanding screen presence, he’s always seemed like a natural fit to play Luke Cage. But alas, that role recently went to Mike Colter (who will play the character for Marvel Studios’ new Netflix series ‘AKA Jessica Jones’), so that ship has officially sailed. However, Crews bears no grudges. In fact, he already has his sights set on another Marvel superhero.

While participating in his latest Reddit AMA, Crews was asked about whether or not he still wants in on the comic book movie game. The answer was, of course, yes. However, his specific choice of superhero may come as a surprise. He wants to play the Silver Surfer. Read on:

Again... it's hard to pick a favorite super-hero. I always did love Luke Cage, and I'm really, really happy about who they cast in the Netflix version of Luke Cage. So that's something that's already done. But you know who else I'd like to play? The Silver Surfer. I always LOVED - I thought I had the build, the body, I could get on that surfboard, and if they ever do a live-action version of Silver Surfer, I think that would be perfect for me.

Of course, the Silver Surfer has already appeared on screen in ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ (where he was played by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne), but that movie was a pile of junk. Since these characters get rebooted all the time anyway, why not just hand the over to Crews? After all, he’s way too funny and talented to waste more of his time in junk like the ‘Expendables’ series. Plus, a shiny silver version of Crews surfing around the universe fighting evil sounds like a good time at the movies.

Right now, the rights to the Silver Surfer are still over at 20th Century Fox as part of the Fantastic Four package. The chances of someone over there actually deciding to make a Silver Surfer movie starring Crews are essentially zero, but it’s a fine pipe dream. In the meantime, Crews should pull a Tyrese Gibson and start using his social media accounts to campaign for the part. Step one: invest in some silver body paint...