The Americans Season 4 has seemed a bit more heavily redacted than usual, owing to a later 2016 debut date than in past years. Now, we at least have a firm March premiere date, along with a gorgeous new poster espousing Philip and Elizabeth’s complicated relationship.

According to FX’s official announcement at the TCA press tour this morning, The Americans will return for Season 4 on March 16. The stylish new poster certainly draws attention as well, even if the series itself occasionally struggles in that department.


FX has released few other details of The Americans Season 4, though we at least know that Frank Langella will return as Phillip and Elizabeth’s old handler Gabriel, with Margo Martindale likely to reprise her role as Claudia as well. Early photos also suggested Dylan Baker might put in an appearance, though no details of his character have been made available.

You can check out The Americans Season 4 teasers below, and stay tuned for the first footage of the March 16 premiere.

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