Well, that was fast!  The CW's 'Arrow' has had a big week, debuting its pilot episode this past Wednesday to rave reviews and some of the best ratings for the network in years, in addition to panel to be held this Sunday at New York Comic-Con 2012.  And while we've seen plenty of DC characters from the adapted series, the brief glimpse of a Deathstroke mask in the pilot proved the most tantalizing of all!  Take a look at the 'Arrow' villain and find out when he'll appear inside!

Following a stellar Wednesday debut and preceding its panel at New York Comic-Con 2012 this weekend, The CW's 'Arrow' has unveiled its first look at iconic DC villain Deathstroke, courtesy of an exclusive photo from IGN! As early as its first trailer, 'Arrow' had developed buzz around the villain by including a solitary shot of the character's unmistakable mask propped up during Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)'s rescue from his five-year stint on a (seemingly) deserted island.

Portrayed by actor Jeffrey C. Robinson, 'Arrow's Deathstroke will pop up in Starling City as early as the show's fifth episode "Damaged," the very same episode that will introduce 'Torchwood' star John Barrowman's mysterious billionaire, the as-yet-unnamed "Well-Dressed Man."  Coincidence?  We wonder.

As seen from IGN's photo below, 'Arrow's Deathstroke looks strikingly similar to his comic-book origins, albeit with a more militarized, real-world look.  Even 'Smallville's incarnation of Deathstroke skewed fairly far from the costumed look, outfitting actor Michael Hogan ('Battlestar Galactica') in clothing merely suggestive of Deathstroke's classic duds.

Deathstroke's early inclusion certainly comes as a surprise to followers of the CW superhero series, which to date has already lined up appearances from such DC characters as The Royal Flush Gang, The Huntress, Deadshot and China White.  Regardless, take a look at the first shot of Deathstroke from The CW's 'Arrow' below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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