If ever The Flash found reason to invoke Back to the Future, 2017 would be it. Our first look at Season 3's January return trailer sees Barry and Cisco trying to return to the the future vision that saw Iris’ deadly fate at the hands of Savitar, while Caitlin seems to be struggling with her own destiny.

The CW released a first official trailer for The Flash’s January 24 return, picking up after December’s “The Present” with an exploration of Savitar’s mysterious prophecies. Incredibly, Barry appears to have actually learned not to keep secrets from the team, as everyone involved struggles to change Iris’ fate in the future.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem as if Caitlin’s efforts to reign in her powers are keeping “Killer Frost” completely in check, so might the team’s icy ally fulfill Savitar’s premonition of someone betraying the team? And who’s this “Jared Morillo” seemingly holding the key to it all, five months down the line?

All these answers and more lie ahead when The Flash resumes Season 3 on January 24, so stay tuned for more footage we breach the new year.

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