We’ve spoken at length about the curiosity of DC withholding its most recognizable superheros from the TV universes of Arrow and The Flash, while insisting on either medium having their own freedom of continuity. And however much Arrow nods to a Green Lantern we’ll never see, it seems The Flash once had an Aquaman tease much earlier.

Whether or not you take deleted scenes as canon, Entertainment Weekly uncovered a new cut sequence from the original Flash pilot, in which Joe continually chides Barry for investigating rumors of superpowers, after his latest trip to Starling City. Among Barry’s past incursions, Joe mentions “Last month, you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a story about a man who could talk to fish.”

Of course, Barry’s retort “there were legitimate reports this time” could throw a wrench into the scene’s veracity anyway, though worth noting is that Amnesty Bay is indeed the DC Comics hometown of Arthur Curry, human identity of Aquaman. Like the other Justice League-rs, Aquaman likely remains off-limits for either Arrow or The Flash, despite Smallville having featured the character in recent years, The CW even attempting a separate Aquaman series starring Justin Hartley, who ironically went on to play Green Arrow on Smallville.

In any case, it’s an interesting off-handed reference to end up on The Flash’s cutting room floor, leading one to wonder how much value producers place on alluding to off-limits DC heroes. In the meantime, The Flash Season 2 will premiere on October 6, and introduce a host of other Legend-ary DC heroes.

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