Firestorm finally got his due from The Flash with this past Tuesday’s “The Nuclear Man,” but the titular hero lived up to his namesake and left the fate of Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein up in smoke. Learn what we find in the “Fallout” with our first photos of next Tuesday’s latest, and find out what DC villain has Barry flash-fried!

As if there were every any real doubt, the latest Flash photos find Barry and Caitlin in the aftermath of Firestorm’s big blast, stunned to discover both Ronnie and Dr. Stein separated by Dr. Wells’ “splicer.” That said, the closing tag teased that Clancy Brown’s General Wade Eiling was hot on Firestorm’s trail, while photos from “Fallout” highlight Barry a bit worse for wear by Eiling’s forces.

So reads The CW’s full description of next Tuesday’s “Fallout”:

GENERAL EILING TARGETS FIRESTORM — After the nuclear explosion separates Ronnie (guest star Robbie Amell) and Dr. Stein (guest star Victor Garber), Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team believe both men are safe. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is thrilled to have her fiancé back and prepares to resume their life together while Dr. Stein returns to his wife.

However, when General Eiling (guest star Clancy Brown) targets Firestorm, Ronnie and Dr. Stein must decide if they are safer together or apart. Meanwhile, Mason Bridge (guest star Roger Hayworth) tells Iris (Candice Patton) that there is something secretive going on at S.T.A.R. Labs and Dr. Stein gives Barry some important information about time travel.

Eiling is the least of The Flash rogues gallery The CW plans to throw at Barry in the coming weeks, but preview the “Fallout” of Firestorm in the photos above, and don’t forget to check out the full trailer below!

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