The Flash doesn’t mind monkeying around with a few teases of outlandish DC villain Gorilla Grodd, but could the CW drama ever truly bring the telepathic ape to life? A new promo for The Flash not only promises that “Grodd is Coming,” but also gives us a first up-close look with the psychic primate!

As debuted on Entertainment Weekly, the latest trailer for The Flash capitalizes on the recent Grodd tease from last week’s “Crazy For You” tag, suggesting that Clancy Brown’s General Wade Eiling might experience the “Fallout” of Grodd’s post-particle accelerator changes, even hearing the ape’s voice in his mind. The Flash had teased Grodd as early as its pilot, while the new teaser offers our first real look at the red-eyed gorilla villain.

The Flash Gorilla Grodd Photos Trailer
The CW

The revitalized Planet of the Apes franchise pushed effects quite a bit forward in realizing CG portrayals of intelligent apes, but will The Flash venture into the jungle with a full-on encounter, or leave such primal peril for Season 2? Don’t forget, we’ve also got time-travel, Tricksters, Weather Wizards, Rogues and Bug-Eyed Bandits to contend with in Season 1, so The Flash may hold off on hyper-intelligent apes well beyond next Tuesday’s installment.

Behold the majesty of Gorilla Grodd in the latest Flash promo above, and stay tuned for Firestorm’s “Fallout” to formally introduce the character next week!