As promised, Tuesday’s The Flash finally delivered a first look at the hulking “God of Motion” producers have been teasing all year, as “Savitar” made his big bad debut. Check out a first look at the high-concept CG creation from “Shade,” and find out what it means for Barry!

You’re warned of full spoilers through Tuesday’s latest The Flash Season 3 installment, but “Shade” ended on something of a cliffhanger, following a raid on Dr. Alchemy’s abandoned subway station, and a little bait-and-switch from Wally West. Once Alchemy had seemingly been incapacitated, a white streak began moving through the room at speeds only Barry could see, decimating the police forces and finally pinning Barry against the wall.

Enter Savitar, God of Speed!

The Flash Savitar Photo
The CW

Which, as you can imagine, is quite a departure from this:

The Flash Savitar Photo
DC Comics

Either way, “Shade” ended abruptly with Barry still pinned to the wall, and Wally now entombed in whatever “husk” promises to restore his Kid Flash powers from the Flashpoint timeline. That’s not a terribly comforting thought, as most everyone to undergo the process seems immediately to want to attack those that denied them power, while Barry will have his hands full with another Killer friend next week.

At the very least, we do seem to know from set photos that Savitar will remain a CG creation, and one fast enough that even Barry has trouble keeping track of his movements. What exactly he is, or why Alcheny seems to worship him is open for debate, but what do we make of the first look? And what might his endgame be?

Check out the first “Killer Frost” trailer below, while we wait for more.

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