Netflix has released a new documentary in partnership with Criterion about the making of Martin Scorsese’s 2019 film The Irishman. The featurette, shared on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel, goes in-depth behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed crime film.

The documentary features interviews with Scorsese alongside acting legends Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. There’s also exclusive behind the scenes footage revealing how the ambitious epic was filmed. According to production designer Bob Shaw, The Irishman had a total of 295 sets and locations, including approximately 20 stage sets. Shaw recalls how Scorsese told him he wanted the production design to look like “nothing.” In other words, he wanted the movie to emulate everyday life rather than a constructed cinematic world.

While The Irishman is a three and a half-hour long time commitment, the “Making of” segment is a neat 36 minutes. For anyone who enjoyed the film or simply enjoys the process of filmmaking, it's a fascinating watch. At the very least, it’s a testament to Scorsese and the actors’ commitment to achieving their vision. “We actually got to make it and do it in the way that we wanted to make it,” sums up De Niro. “And Marty got to do everything that he wanted to do and that’s — we couldn’t ask for anything more.”

The Irishman joins the prestigious lineup of Criterion Collection films. It’s currently available for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray on Criterion's official website.

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