If you've seen 'Iron Man 3' (or even the many trailers), you know that there are many Iron Man armors in the movie. But, there were almost many more. As the 'Iron Man 3' DVD and Blu-ray approaches in September, we now have a brief look at some of the 'Iron Man 3' armors that were designed for the movie, but never used.

Marvel conceptual artist Josh Nizzi posted some art he created for 'Iron Man 3' and while some show off some scenes and armors you've already seen (including the plane crash sequence and the "outer space" Gemini Armor), we also get a look at some new armor that wasn't included in the film.

Shown up above is the Bullet Armor, so named because...well, you get the idea. And below you can also see armors named Oldboy (no, not that Oldboy), Bastard, Grapple and even an early look at the Hulkbuster armor.

Will we ever seen these designs in future Marvel movies? Considering the 'Iron Man' franchise has slowed to a halt (star Robert Downey, Jr. is currently only signed for 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron'), the options are limited. But, if we're speculating that Tony Stark could be responsible for the creation of Ultron in 'Avengers 2,' perhaps one or some of these armors could be the genesis for the Ultron design.

Or, they could simply be an interesting addition to the 'Iron Man 3' DVD, never to see the light of day in a formal Marvel movie. Either way, it's a fascinating look behind the scenes of Marvel Studios. For even more 'Iron Man 3' concept art, you can check out John Nizzi's gallery here.

Oldboy and Bastard Armors
Grapple Armor