HBO’s The Jinx enraptured viewers not just by the brutal nature and winding mystery of its central crimes, but also the sinister mannerisms of its prime suspect, Robert Durst. The real estate heir famously even implicated himself in the final episode, though Durst now claims he was using meth “the whole time.”

Per Deadline, the transcript of a 2015 jailhouse interview recently filed in L.A. County Superior Court saw Durst telling prosecutors that he lacked the sound mind and judgment to sit for interviews with The Jinx director Andrew Jarecki. According to Durst, he’d been heavily using meth amphetamine throughout filming:

Yeah, well, the whole long weekend, when I did the interviews for The Jinx I was on meth. The whole time I was on meth. And when I looked at the little pieces of it, I was going like this, and like that. And I was – it should have been obvious. And I’m surprised my lawyer let me go ahead with it, ’cause it just – I looked like there was something going on.

Incredibly, Durst was arrested for illegal possession of a revolver the day before the March 15 finale, and is now serving a seven-year term in California. The interview took place with prosecutors one day later, the precise day of The Jinx’s final episode, in which a hot mic caught the bathroom moment of Durst saying to himself “What the hell did I do? Killed ’em all, of course.”

Asked why he even agreed to do the interviews in the first place, Durst offered:

I’m – I’m still sort of putting that together in my own mind. But, I had been approached by 48 Hours. And way back when, I was approached by Connie Chung … I’m not saying my answers were wrong. I’m just trying to say that I was ‘gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu’ during the thing.

Last we heard, HBO was said to be considering another round of The Jinx, but is the Robert Durst story conclusively finished, meth and all? Watch the original trailer below.