Taken aback though fans of HBO’s The Leftovers were to learn that Season 3 would close out Damon Lindelof’s rapture drama for good, recent reports that the final year would move to Australia seemed perfectly in line with the myriad references of Season 2. HBO has confirmed very little, though Lindelof now seemingly acknowledges the production’s impending move, as well the potential for a certain ghostly figure’s Season 3 return.

Speaking at an Inside The Leftovers panel discussion at the Vulture Festival, Lindelof offered precious few spoilers of the third and final HBO season, other than to acknowledge that production has already gotten underway in Texas, setting to the second season’s own major move. Lead actor Justin Theroux was also notably bearded, while Lindelof alluded to the shoot soon venturing outside of Texas:

We wrap in Texas at the end of this week. And then we’ll be going to that other place that we’re not allowed to talk about.

Near of the entire Season 2 cast has been confirmed to return for the final year, though no word on who, or how anyone might end up in Australia beyond either Kevin Garvey (Theroux) or his father, Kevin Sr. (newly-elevated series regular Scott Glenn). Lindelof also cryptically kept mum as to whether we’d see Ann Dowd’s Patti Levin one last time, given the effort to release her spirit in Season 2, to which the showrunner added “there is a finality to what you’ve already seen.”

We’ll likely learn further details on the road to Season 3 (it also remains unclear if the eight-episode swan song has been pushed to 2017), but exactly how much might Australia take over The Leftovers’ final season?