The Mandalorian Chapter 21, also known as “The Pirate,” might eventually become known as a huge turning point in the history of the Star Wars series. This was the moment when we finally understood what was really going on in this season: The Mandalorians were going home, reunited under the leadership of Bo-Katan, and Moff Gideon, the previous wielder of the Darksaber would oppose them.

How this week’s show changes the show’s course for good is the subject of our latest Mandalorian video. In it our own Ryan Arey and Matt Singer are joined by IDW editor Heather Anthos for an honest discussion of The Mandalorian Season 3 in general, and “The Pirate” in particular, and what this episode did right, and what the show is still getting wrong. They also talk about storytelling structure, how this season works for more casual Star Wars fans, and how The Mandalorian connects to bigger Star Wars continuity.

Watch their debate below:

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