Fans of The Simpsons had something of a scare recently with rumors that FOX had only greenlit seven episodes of the coming 27th season. They’ll never stop The Simpsons, as you know, making FOX’s now-official order of Seasons 27 and 28 all-but old news.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed the animation giant’s 22-episode renewals through 2017, effectively taking The Simpsons through a whopping 625 episodes. The series’ lengthy production time necessitated the early order, as FOX would soon need to get crackin’ on the episodes that begin Season 27 this fall.

Most recently featuring Game of Thrones star Carice Van Houten this past Sunday as Milhouse’s Dutch cousin, The Simpsons will borrow a bevy of other HBO talent for Season 27, the premiere of which will feature the entire cast of Girls, in particular Lena Dunham as a new love interest for Homer.

No one had exactly worried that FOX would suddenly pull the plug on The Simpsons, but we’ve at least a few years before needing to dread an onslaught of farewell coverage. Have no fear, they’ve got stories for years.

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