Mickey Mouse and his ragtag group of pals are back for more adventures in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, a new series of shorts heading to Disney+ this month. The bite-sized, seven-minute adventures will follow Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto as they get themselves into all sorts of mayhem. The cartoons are an homage to classic Mickey Mouse fare, but this time they have a modern twist.

The subject matter of the new animated shorts will range from the mundane to the fantastic. The trailer features Mickey and the gang in a range of scenarios, from shopping for a barbecue to becoming wranglers in the Wild West.

Check out the colorful new trailer from Disney+:

Looking at the animation, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, this is not the Mickey Mouse we've come to recognize as the face of Disney, with his friendly eyes and dimpled grin. This throwback style has been used since the early 2010s in a series of Mickey Mouse cartoons featuring Chris Diamantopoulos as the voice of Mickey. Since this is 2020, the animation is crisp, vibrant, and seamless. It's a melding of generations, a blending of classic technique and Technicolor modernity.

Earlier this May, HBO Max dropped a brand new set of Looney Tunes Cartoons on the streaming service. Later in November, a new season of Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs will arrive on Hulu. Now, it's Disney+'s turn to dip into the nostalgia well.

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse arrives on Disney+ on Wednesday, November 18.

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