Netflix remains intent on us spending all our weekends inside on the latest binge, and where last Saturday introduced viewers to the plodding Rayburn drama of Bloodline, this Friday’s latest binge comes with much less class. The entire ninth season of Canadian comedy Trailer Park Boys has arrived in full.

Following the release of Season 8 this past September, all 10 episodes of Trailer Park Boys Season 9 today became available to stream in their entirety. Seasons 10 and 11 are expected to follow at some point down the road as well, adding to the show’s extensive history that includes several feature films.

The ninth season sees Julian and Ricky getting out of jail to return to Sunnyvale trailer park, only to find more than a few changes afoot, including a surprising palette swap for Julian’s trailer, and an active effort to turn the run-down trailer park into a retirement community for senior citizens.

We’ve included the trailer above, while the rest of Trailer Park Boys Season 9 is available to stream on Netflix right now.