Season 5 of ‘True Blood‘ gets ready to head into a coffin with its season finale, as nearly everyone seems to have gathered at the Vampire Authority just as Bill puts the finishing touches on his crazy plans, just as we saw in last Sunday ’s “Sunset.” So before ‘True Blood’ season 5 braces for all-out vampire/human/faerie war in its ultimate episode “Save Yourself” this Sunday, August 26, how would you to feast on a spoilery new clip from the episode?

In the below clip from 'True Blood' season 5 finale "Save Yourself," we see a still-naked Sam Merlotte (seriously, they couldn't find him any clothes?) confronted by Bill in the Vampire Authority chambers, having previously snuck in alongside Luna to find her daughter Emma.  Bill is predictably none-too-happy to see Sam, but will the vampire manage to redeem himself before the end?

And what of all the other forces ready to burst?  Will Russell Edgington prove too super-charged on Faerie blood for the rest to put up any kind of fight?  Will Eric and Nora arrive to save the day?  How will everything come crashing down in "Save Yourself," and who will be left standing by the end?

Watch the clip from 'True Blood' season 5 finale "Save Yourself," check out the pics below, and tell us what you think will happen in the comments!