Admittedly two weeks earlier than the previous year, it's finale time once again for 'True Blood' fans everywhere, and things don't seem nearly as tense as they should. All of our vampire friends have been saved, as they dance around in the sunlight, so what threats remain for 'True Blood' season 6 to bring about its gory conclusion? Find out in the latest clips from season 6 finale "Radioactive!" Our first look at Sunday's finale sees Sookie and Alcide getting their flirt on again after Terry's funeral, but will that put the disgraced werewolf in the firing line for Warlow? You know, wherever he is? Elsewhere, Jason remains continually under the thrall of his new vampire friend Violet (Karolina Wydra), who has a surprising greeting for Sookie when the pair finally meet out in the sunlight. From HBO's official description of "Radioactive":

Bill (Stephen Moyer) discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason (Ryan Kwanten) senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie (Anna Paquin) examines her future with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

We're wondering if Bill might have lost his godly new powers after being drained by the other vampires last week, but it remains to be seen if saving those precious few was really the salvation Lilith intended him for. Meanwhile, what do we think the new crisis for humans and vampires might be? Check out two sneak peeks of the "True Blood' season 6 finale "Radioactive" above and below, and give us your predictions for the end in the comments!

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