With its spring lineup of 'Game of Thrones,' 'Veep' and 'Family Tree' about to bloom, HBO hasn't showcased much in the way of 'True Blood's sixth season to air this June. The long-running vampire drama left us on quite a cliffhanger last summer, now navigating its own behind-the-scenes drama, but who's the latest sexy vampire to join the cast? Find out who 'House' star Karolina Wydra will play on 'True Blood' season 6 inside!

It'll be a bit of time before HBO starts pushing 'True Blood' season 6, but that hasn't stopped the long-running vampire soap from adding to its ranks over the course of filming. The latest to join teh cast, reported via TVLine, is none other than 'House's former Russian bride Karolina Wydra, reportedly playing sexy, strong and dangerous vampire Violet. Supposedly, the character's strength (therefore age) is said to be on par with both Bill Compton and Eric Northman's.

Along with the recent show-runner swap changing from Mark Hudis to Bryan Buckner, season 5 guest star and former ‘Last Resort’ star Robert Patrick has been upgraded to series regular, while ‘True Blood’ season 6 also features Rutger Hauer as mysterious vampire Macklyn, ‘Rubicon’s’ Arliss Howard as  Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell, and ‘Eastenders’ star Robert Kazinsky as a series regular and new Fae love interest to Sookie.

Few other details are available on the sixth season of HBO’s fang-banging hit, though it’s known that ‘True Blood’ season 6 will take place over 10 episodes, down from the usual 12, largely to accommodate series star Anna Paquin’s pregnancy with co-star Stephen Moyer.

Well, what say you? Will Karolina Wydra's Violet add a list of new complications to 'True Blood's sixth season? What do you think will happen when HBO premieres the latest episodes this summer?

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