Rumors of 'True Detective' season 2's cast, setting and creative talent have swirled since before the first season came to a close, and with 12 Emmy nominations under its belt this morning, the mill continues to churn. We've heard differing reports of lead numbers and gender ratios, but HBO and creator Nic Pizzolatto have stepped up to both confirm and debunk, revealing that official cast announcements are expected next week!

As far as the disparity we've heard between three leads, one lead and a California setting, Pizzolatto told The Daily Beast that while casting had not yet begun, "[Three leads] ballooned a little bit. I would say there are four central roles," declining to clarify the gender ratio between them. Elsewhere speaking from the TCA press tour panel, HBO president Michael Lombardo teased that we should expect at least some casting announcements in the coming week.

Moreover, Pizzolatto's conversation with TDB revealed we can definitely expect more than one season 2 director, following season 1 helmer Cary Fukunaga's exit from the series, though no official names have been revealed. As for the premise of the season itself, Pizzolatto debunked some of his own earlier words, but continued to play coy of actual plot:

You've said the show is set in California and it’s about the “secret occult history” of the U.S. transportation system.

I would actually just stick with “set in California.”

So it’s not about the U.S. transportation system?

I’d rather not elaborate on that.

Whatever the case, HBO seems to be happy with the work thus far, as executives offered "The two scripts we have...I hate to jinx it...they are more exciting than the first season." We have our own ideas about potential talent ‘True Detective’ season 2 might cull, in addition to everything we already know about the next cycle.

Well, barring any official announcements as of yet, what say you? Does 'True Detective' season 2 sound like it'll live up to the first, cast confusion and all? Who would you like to see don their investigative cap when 'True Detective' season 2 bows in 2015?