Selina Meyer may no longer be the President, and Veep may no longer be satire, but we’ll nonetheless get a glimpse at what could have been in Season 6. HBO has given an executive order for an April premiere, one we’ll happily comply with.

As confirmed with the network, Veep Season 6 will bow on Sunday, April 16 at 10:30 P.M., kicking of Selina Meyer’s first post-Presidential year. No sign of a release date for its usual Sunday companion, Silicon Valley, while we know Game of Thrones has painstakingly moved to a summer premiere.

Here, watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus confirm the news:

As to how Veep will keep its edge in a world where the real White House makes significantly more blunders than a TV one, Louis-Dreyfus offered in a recent Facebook Q&A that “In this case, Selina Meyer is out of the White House this season, so that makes it slightly easier.”

We’ll see for ourselves as HBO comes forth with footage in advance of the April 16 premiere, but stay tuned for more on Veep Season 6 in the meantime.

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