In this week's highly anticipated new release, 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Vin Diesel plays a walking, talking, sentient tree named Groot. As adorable as that sounds (and it's really adorable), the best part about Groot is that his vocabulary consists of just three words: "I am Groot." It's how he expresses everything (and it kind of works), but it also means that Diesel needed to dub his lines into different languages for international release himself, because it's such an essential part of his character.

Diesel hit up 'The Tonight Show' last night to talk about the film and to show off his now-stellar language skills, as encouraged by host Jimmy Fallon, who seemed to relish such international flair gracing his show (his own take on French is particularly amusing).

And, you be the judge, was this ripped from the pages of ScreenCrush? We think so.