Our violent delights spent the entirety of 2017 without violent ends, and Westworld is finally making up for lost time. Sneak another peek at Season 2 with a new round of photos from the April premiere, including some surprising makeovers for the hosts.

Where yesterday new intel clued us in on the fates of some missing faves, a fresh round of photos from Entertainment Weekly yield some surprising clues to the new season. For one, Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores is very much taking to the whole “Chic Robot Overlord” thing, while the photos provide another look at that faceless host following Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) around. Apparently, it’s called a “Drone Host,” and significant to whatever Delos’ real plans for Westworld are. We’re guessing it’s not a daycare.

Elsewhere of Westworld Season 2, the April 22 “Journey Into Night” is expected to answer practical questions about the park, potentially even a date for the show’s setting. Ed Harris will be playing Season 2 on “extreme mode,” as will his younger self and former friend, while Talulah Riley and Louis Herthum have been upped to series regular. We’ll also finally get answers on the mysterious “SW” park, and learn what became of poor Elsie and Stubbs. New additions include Leftovers alum Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson and American Gods star Jonathan Tucker, Vikings favorite Gustaf Skarsgard, Tyrant alum Fares Fares, Zahn McClarnon, Betty Gabriel and LOST star Hiroyuki Sanada.

We’ll likely see more soon, so stay tuned for the latest on Westworld Season 2.

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