Marvel Zombies are not a new concept to Marvel Comics. They were introduced in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four, and then for several years, Marvel Zombies miniseries became top-sellers for the company. Even before that, “Marvel Zombies” were an affectionate nickname for Marvel fans used in letter columns.

The latest episode of What If...? brings the idea of Marvel zombies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if you were paying attention you saw lots of little Easter eggs, secrets, and references to the history of Marvel and the MCU. Like the way the classic Avengers theme music gives way to spooky choral music when it turns out the heroes who’ve shown up to save Bruce Banner are actually zombies there to eat him. (Banner’s line when he sees them — “Boy are you guys screwed!” — is an almost exact copy of the line he says when Thor shows up to save the day in Avengers: Infinity War.

Those are just a couple examples from the episode. Watch all the Marvel Zombies Easter eggs below:

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Loki Episode 3 Easter Eggs

The coolest Marvel references, homages, and secrets in Episode 3, “Lamentis,” of Loki.

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