'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is the most successful film of the franchise yet (and, the biggest movie of the year so far), and that's saying something, given all the moving parts within the story itself and the immense cast of new and returning stars. A few aspects from the original script were cut, mainly the deletion of Anna Paquin's major appearance as Rogue, but fans will get to see everything the original version had to offer through a new 'X-Men' director's cut later this year

Though it was presumed we would see the deleted content of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' in some form on the DVD and Blu-ray releases, 'X-Men' franchise producer Lauren Schuler Donner confirmed that we will see a director's cut later this year.

While most actors from the original trilogy and the 'First Class' films returned, one did not! Anna Paquin was originally pegged to return as Rogue -- SPOILER ALERT -- other than in the final moments of the film. An initial treatment saw her coming in to absorb Kitty's abilities and take over for her once she was injured by Wolverine, while another scene involved a rescue sequence with future Professor X and Magneto. Her character was featured on those Empire magazine covers and she even made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. However, Singer had said that “through the editing process, [her] sequence became extraneous.”

At the end of the day, there was a lot for fans to take in with 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' whether it was Quicksilver's standout moments, Trask's villainous plot, Mystique's revenge-seeking mission, or just the two parallel, time-displaced storylines. While edits ultimately served the film and helped it succeed, diehard 'X-Men' fans will no doubt want to get their hands on this director's cut. So, stay tuned for more information on the release date as we get it.

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