Just when you thought 'Arrow''s latest season 3 addition and a full complement of "Calm" premiere photos would hold you over toward the October 8 premiere, out comes Team Arrow with a brand new poster! See Roy Arsenal, Felicity, Oliver, Laurel and Diggle do the cool-guy walk away from an exploding Starling City in the latest look at 'Arrow' season 3!

As released over 'Arrow' social media, the new image of the CW-DC drama cements that cool guys don't look at explosions, but what might have happened to put Starling City (as well as a few freeway cars, it seems) in such dire straits remains to be seen. After all, the Starling we've seen in recent trailers looks to be on the upswing after Oliver's work last season, so why would Team Arrow end up walking away from such urban carnage?

Most recently adding Matt Nable as DC baddie Ra's al Ghul, 'Arrow' season 3 has also recruited 'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh in a major recurring role as tech magnate (and likely Felicity love interest) Ray Palmer, better known as DC's "The Atom." Not only that, but '22 Jump Street''s Peter Stormare will act as our new Vertigo, J.R. Ramirez will appear as DC superhero Wildcat, David Cubitt will play DC's Manhunter, Matt Ward will play Komodo, Amy Gumenick will portray DC's Cupid and 'Glee''s Nolan Funk will guest as Felicity's flashback boyfriend

Additionally, 'Real Steel’ star Karl Yune will play Oliver’s flashback Hong Kong handler alongside Rila Fukushima as DC's Katana, having replaced Devon Aoki. Departed series stars Caity Lotz and Colin Donnell will also return for early episodes this season, and we've also got our first full look at Colton Haynes' costume in his new vigilante persona of "Arsenal," in addition to the latest premiere photos from season 3 opener, "The Calm."

Who knows, maybe we'll have a brand-new trailer, or even a leaked premiere before the day is over! Keep the countdown to October 8 rolling with our brand-new 'Arrow' season 3 poster below, and tell us what explosions you want Oliver and co. to walk away from when the new episodes get underway next month!

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