It takes a special brand of viewer to make heads or tails of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story these days, and it seems Hotel and Asylum star Chloe Sevigny isn’t even one of them. Not only did the actress have an “existential crisis” over the violence, but also isn’t certain if she’d be asked back for Season 6.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, the returning American Horror Story star was asked to compare the exploration of pregnancy between her upcoming film Antibirth, and that of Lady Gaga’s Countess from Hotel, to which Sevigny admitted being unable to watch the FX series:

In all honesty, I haven’t seen “American Horror Story.” I went to the premiere and I watched the pilot, but, you know, I think it’s like candy. It’s like pop. People love the visuals. [Ryan Murphy]’s kind of forward enough but not too forward, where people can embrace it in the middle of the country. But he is pushing it, and the music was wild and great. We had all this Bauhaus and these gothic references … somehow it just hits with people. I think it’s great escapism, but I also had my own kind of existential crisis with the violence and the serial-killer storyline.

Can you say more about that?

No. [Laughs]

Sevigny also alluded to the uncertainty of Ryan Murphy inviting her back for Season 6, noting that the network was likely focused on American Crime Story for the moment (Murphy had begun telling cast members of Season 6 at the 2016 Golden Globes). That said, Sevigny would be open to the return (ideally with a larger role), even if she has trouble grasping the series’ tone:

I think [Ryan Murphy] is a really interesting man, fascinating, has a lot to contribute. TV’s so hard because you sign on to something without even reading a single script. It’s a giant leap of faith. And I think, with “American Horror Story,” it’s such a huge ensemble that really my biggest problem with the show was that I wanted more to do. I wanted a bigger part. That’s always my complaint on that. Also the tone is so weird. For me, I don’t know if I’m the right kind of actress. You know what I mean? Some actresses are very good at that. For me, I always want to underplay it.

Everything is very big. Look at Sarah Paulson’s character.

Yes. Finding the tone is a scary place for me, which is exciting and fun. I hope he invites me back.

Recent reports suggested that FX is also working to re-secure Lady Gaga, who inexplicably won a Golden Globe for her Hotel role as “The Countess,” and has yet to address Ryan Murphy’s public invitation to return. Little else of the sixth season has been revealed, other than to expect the premiere in fall, and that the season would take place in two different time periods. Murphy recently also confirmed that he had a shocking part in mind for franchise veteran Angela Bassett.

American Horror Story will likely drop further Season 6 details over the coming months, but might Chloe Sevigny sit out another season? Would it help at all if Season 6 went to space? There’s nothing more accessible than space, Chloe.

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