It's been at least a few weeks since we've had any real 'Arrested Development' scoops to report (seriously, this close to writing about the stair car), but thankfully 'Workaholics' star Adam DeVine is happy to do it for us! One of the earliest things we learned about the upcoming Netflix revival of everyone's favorite cancelled FOX series was that all three stars of Comedy Central's cult comedy 'Workaholics' would make an appearance, but what does their interaction with Michael Bluth reveal about the reunion?

That Michael Bluth just never seems to be able to catch a break, particularly when he's trying to skip town. Details have been light on actual story when it comes to 'Arrested Development' season 4, but 'Workaholics' star Adam DeVine may have just given us our first real clue. Speaking to E! at the premiere of his new film 'Pitch Perfect,' DeVine made sure to point out his confidentiality agreement regarding his role on the first shooting day, but offered up a bit of news nonetheless:

[Michael] is trying to get out of town and I work at the airline that he's trying to get at. And I'm totally inept. I don't know how to print a ticket or get his bags on the plane, so he's having a hard time with me.

Being that DeVine's role took place on the first day of shooting, might that mean Michael is trying to catch a flight to see his family, or a flight away from them, as in so many past instances? We don't know for sure until the new season premieres in the spring of 2013, but alt least we can look forward to DeVine's fellow guest appearances from ‘Mad Men’s’ John Slattery, Isla Fisher and Terry Crews, as well as returning series players Jeff Garlin, Liza Minnelli, Judy Greer, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio.

Well, what do you think? Where might Michael Bluth be off to in such a rush? Give us your theories on 'Arrested Development' season 4 in the comments!

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