Supergirl may have broken down the wall keeping major DC heroes like Superman off of TV, but despite recent rumors, no one from the Bat-family will be joining the Arrow-verse anytime soon. Executive producer Greg Berlanti shoots down recent speculation, as well that they’d even tried to bring Bruce Wayne to Star City.

It all started with a pre-Comic-Con Bleeding Cool post suggesting that among other things, CW producers had formally entered negotiations with FOX to license a Batman appearance for the Arrow-verse. The same report also indicated that both Batwoman alter-ego Kathy Kane and Barbara Gordon were perhaps in line for Supergirl, the former arriving as Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)’s ex.

Far-fetched though it seemed at the time, said rumors apparently made it up the chain, as executive producer Greg Berlanti formally denied both to the reporter crowd at Thursday’s TCA press tour. Not only should we not expect Batman, Batwoman or Oracle this season, there are no current plans to bring any such Bat-characters into the Arrow-verse.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge existing Batman references within Arrow-related series, as The Flash clearly nodded toward a “Wayne Tech” merger in Harrison Wells’ 2024 newspaper, while Earth-2 Barry Allen was cheekily seen to have a “Bruce” on speed-dial, along with “Hal” and “Diana.” We can always dream of seeing Batman or a fully-inclusive DC universe on TV, but don’t take a rumor’s word for it.

If not Batman at least, should Supergirl perhaps consider a Batty friend for Kara?

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