Fans are more anxious than ever for a look at Supergirl Season 2, its first on The CW, and with a bonafide Superman, and the Vancouver set brings all kinds of DC goodies. Looks like we’ll see Kara’s version of Metropolis and Luthor Corp in the latest set photos, plus … Stephen Amell?

Where recent set photos of Tyler Hoechlin outfitted in his Superman getup seemed to showcase National City police cars, the latest from Season 2 distinctly takes us to Metropolis, our first look at the city home to Earth’s mightiest hero:

And even a first look at this world’s version of Luthor Corp, presumably something to do with the as-yet-uncast Lena Luthor:

But why stop there? There’s Melissa Benoist and Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent, looking as adorably non-undercover as Super-comics would have you believe:

Superman fighting what looks to be some kind of metallic baddie:

And oh – what’s this? Superman and the Green Arrow, already crossing over?

Meanwhile, in addition to the introduction of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer and Lynda Carter as this particular Earth’s POTUS, Supergirl Season 2 will cast several notable roles that include Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, and several others. Still unknown is if Supergirl Season 2 will introduce Superboy, given that mystery Season 2 cliffhanger, or how the Maiden of Might ends up in that epic four-way superhero crossover, though we know Calista Flockhart will have a reduced role.

Supergirl has plenty other questions to answer on the road to Season 2's October 10 premiere, but what other Super-shenanigans might we see on set?

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