The CW's 'Arrow' dropped a big enough bombshell at Comic-Con 2013 in the reveal of Black Canary's season 2 presence, but none so explosive as this morning's announcement that Barry Allen would appear as DC superhero "The Flash," potentially spinning off into his own series, and even into the 'Justice League' and beyond. Now that the bomb has dropped, what major new details on both Black Canary and 'Flash' have come to light?

Keeping in mind that we warned you of spoilers, it seems fan confusion that Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) won't be the one to don the iconic fishnet stockings just yet will come to a quick end. CW president Mark Pedowitz this morning revealed (via HuffPostTV) has revealed that the show's first Black Canary (Caity Loitz) will be none other than Laurel's sister Sara Lance, scandalously once Oliver's lover, and thought dead since the series pilot!

As for the fastest man alive, whose introduction in the 'Arrow' universe was originally thought unlikely given producers' "no powers" rule, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and 'Arrow' showrunner Andrew Kreisberg answered a number of reporter followup 'Flash' questions following this morning's announcement.

For one, it seems we'll meet ordinary Central City forensic scientist Barry Allen in the 8th and 9th episode of 'Arrow' season 2, returning in the 20th as a backdoor pilot for a 'Flash' spinoff series. Eight and nine will see Barry operating out of Oliver Queen's Starling City, while the 20th episode will serve as "a bigger introduction to Barry's world" and the associated characters.

Johns previewed that Barry Allen on 'Arrow' would usher in the "pretty insane concept" of superpowers to the series, much as the character had brought to life the "Silver Age" of DC superheroes. Both Johns and Kreisberg stressed that Flash's powers would keep as grounded as possible, though there will be no ambiguity to the character's superhero name, or iconic red costume. Said Kreisberg of introducing powers to the series:

Our characters that people have really come to know and like in "Arrow" will react to the extraordinary changes to their world in, hopefully, a realistic way. These "powers" won't be treated as commonplace, they will be extraordinary events, so the world and characters will react accordingly.

For as much as producers wish to use 'Flash' to add to the 'Arrow' mythos and characters rather than build a separate world and mine the cast, both Johns and Kreisberg specified that the impetus came from executive producer Greg Berlanti. Berlanti ultimately saw the character potential in that Flash remains one of the few members of the Justice League not to have sought out, or been born with his abilities, making him as human and relatable as they've come to develop with Oliver Queen, though far less dark and tortured.

Casting for the part has only just begun, while designs on the costume and visual portrayals of the Flash's powers won't emerge until later in the season. That said, Johns and Kreisberg made sure to emphasize that 'Arrow' would not repeat the "blurred lines" approach utilized in 'Smallville,' and would likely draw more inspiration from current 'Flash' comic books and the more recent DC Animated release 'Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox.'

Johns, Kreisberg and Berlanti will pen the three episodes in which Barry Allen will appear, the latter of which will be directed by David Nutter, but what say you? Are you any more excited to see The Flash brought to life on 'Arrow' this season? What about Black Canary's big spoiler? Check out the season 2 sizzle reel from Comic-Con 2013 below, and target us with your 'Arrow' thoughts in the comments!