Both Arrow and The Flash had plenty to offer by their recent PaleyFest panels, teasing everything from famous Flash stories to major Starling City reveals, but at last we can see for ourselves. Watch both CW superhero dramas’ spoilery new sizzle reel trailers, as Arrow Season 3 and The Flash build to their season finales!

Where yesterday we brought you up to speed on The Flash’s sizzle reel, including first looks at The Walking Dead star Emily Kinney, A.T.O.M. crossover and time-travel shenanigans, our first look at the remainder of Arrow Season 3 after Wednesday’s “The Offer” brings quite a few secrets of its own.

For one, it seems Quentin will very much come off the bench in the back half of Season 3, both meeting with Ra’s al Ghul himself, and turning on the Arrow, at one point leading a S.W.A.T. team into Oliver’s Verdant lair. Not only that, but the Suicide Squad rides again, and multiple figures seem to don the Arrow costume at one point, perhaps a plot of Ra’s for Oliver to accept the mantle heading the League of Assassins.

The Flash will return tomorrow with “Out of Time,” while Arrow follows on Wednesday with “The Offer,” so brace for spoilers, and check out both tantalizing trailers above and below!