"Have you ever been hung in the air by your genitals? I have," joked 'Avengers 2' star Paul Bettany. During the earlier Comic-Con 2014 festivities, Marvel released a slew of concept art-based posters for the film, one of which featured newcomer character The Vision floating above Ultron's many robotic minions, and it turns out the process of transforming Bettany into this sentient being wasn't always seamless. "It’s a very sweaty and hot decision that got made. But it’s really fucking cool."

Speaking to a group of press during Comic-Con 2014, prior to the big 'Avengers 2' panel in Hall H, Bettany got into some of the nitty gritty details about his upcoming turn as The Vision -- but he kept most of the major spoilers close to the chest, constantly peeking out the window to see if any Marvel 'Winter Soldier' snipers were there to silence him.

In 'Avengers 2,' the actor, who famously voiced Tony Stark's A.I. helper, J.A.R.V.I.S., throughout the 'Iron Man' movies and 'The Avengers,' gets an upgrade from the villainous Ultron. As the new major threat of the film is created by Stark, the being then seeks to create his own child by transforming Iron Man's tech. Said Bettany:

The thing that appealed to me was that this sort of nascent creature being born and being both sort of totally omnipotent and naïve, and the danger of that, and the sort of complex nature of the thing being born that is that powerful and that is fully created in a second. And the choices he makes morally I think are really complex and interesting.

Naturally, the Avengers distrust The Vision on their first encounter, as he is an Ultron creation, "and that has to be navigated by The Vision and he does it in a quite extraordinarily shocking way," said Bettany. "It’s a real roof-raiser of a moment." What's important to realize, though, said Bettany, is "he is not J.A.R.V.I.S. and he is not a child of Ultron. He is … The Vision." As he described, he has characteristics of both the loveably sassy A.I. and the creature Ultron created, but he ultimately evolves as the movie progresses and as he interacts with other characters. "He is somebody who is learning about the world at quite an exponential rate, and he becomes more sassy as the movie continues."

For one, comic book fans know that The Vision has a long romantic history with Scarlet Witch, portrayed in 'Avengers 2' by Elizabeth Olsen. Though, as Vision encounters the magic wielder, Bettany merely grazed the surface, describing his brewing relationship with her as "protective."

In addition, Vision will have a lot of similarities towards his original comic book conception, including some of his abilities, which the actor wouldn't fully divulge. "He's incredibly good at punching, which is key," remarked Bettany. "He also has the ability to change his density, and that’s awesome and really exploited brilliantly by Joss in terms of just really cool moments that The Vision is able to do something that is really otherworldly. And it's kind of great, and he’s discovering it all as he goes along."

Also worth noting: "There's a cape and it's fabulous."

In addition, we caught up with Bettany at the Marvel press line after the 'Avengers 2' Comic-Con panel. Watch what happened: