Ben Affleck is a fickle fellow. Whether it’s The Batman solo movie or a new role, whatever Affleck says, it often changes months later. That was the case with Triple Frontier, the long-in-development drug cartel drama that seemingly fell apart after Affleck’s exit last summer. But now Affleck is back on board and the project is finally in production with a robust cast.

Triple Frontier is being directed by A Most Violent Year‘s J.C. Chandor, who re-wrote the original draft by Zero Dark Thirty‘s Mark Boal. According to THR, Affleck will lead alongside Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal, and Adia Arjona. The film will follow a group of five friends whose loyalties are tested when they reunite – wait, is this a gender-swapped reboot of Girl’s Trip? Sadly, no; Affleck will not be seen peeing from a zip line. Instead, those friends will attempt to take down a South American drug lord. The title refers to the boarder along the junction of Parauguay, Argentina and Brazil, and though now a tourism spot, it was once a notorious zone known for terrorist activity and organized crime.

The crime drama has been a longtime in the making. Originally conceived for Kathryn Bigelow to direct from a script by her frequent collaborator Boal, Triple Frontier has had a ton of big names attached. Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Mark Wahlberg, and Johnny Depp once circled the project. Last year Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum were set to star before dropping out. When Affleck initially signed on, he planned to star alongside brother Casey Affleck and Mahershala Ali, but the two left following his exit – I give you full permission to blame Affleck for depriving us of a new Ali project. And amid all these casting changes, Paramount sold the film to Netflix, yet another of their problem projects hoisted off to the streaming giant. But have no fear; things are finally underway, at least according to these set photos of Hunnam and Hedlund wrestling on the beach. Anyone up for a quick trip to Honolulu?

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