Recently Ben Kingsley revealed that he was working on a secret project for Marvel, though he couldn't say exactly what. But it's hard to keep secrets from comic-book fans, and this mysterious project has been unveiled.

According to the fine folks over at Latino Review, Kinglsey will be returning for a Marvel One Shot and will reprise his role from 'Iron Man 3.' Spoilers for those who still haven't seen the movie: In the film he played The Mandarin, but over the course of the film it was revealed that his real name was Trevor Slattery and he was hired by Aldrich Killian to play a terrorist to cover up the failings of his Extremis research. The premise for the new One Shot is that the real Mandarin wants to set the record straight about himself.

Comic book fans were divided on director Shane Black's revised version of The Mandarin, as some didn't like this deviation from the comic-book character, while others felt it was a smart way to deal with a character that could be seen as racist. That said, The Mandarin's Ten Rings organization had been set up in the previous 'Iron Man' movies as a real terrorist threat, so this short could tie those elements together and make fans of the original character happy while not ignoring what happened in 'Iron Man 3.'

As these "One Shot" shorts are put on the Blu-ray releases of Marvel movies, this then is likely to appear on the disc for 'Thor: The Dark World,' which means that we should see it sometime in February or March 2014.

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