HBO's period drama 'Boardwalk Empire' has been relatively quiet going into its fifth and final season, in spite of the tagline's promises that "no one goes quietly." We've seen a few trailers to be sure, but now a new look behind the scenes reveals our most yet about the big time jump, and what characters we'll catch up with (and even flash back to) when 'Boardwalk Empire' pours its final round.

Thanks to a new video inviting fans to the 'Boardwalk Empire' season 5 set, we have a much stronger insight of where we'll find our favorite characters seven years after we last left them, now facing the imminent end of prohibition. For one, it seems as if Nucky will look to go legitimate with a Cuban Bacardi partnership, while the country's most notorious gangster Al Capone faces the decline of his own empire.

Elsewhere showrunner Terence Winter previews that we'll see the sound and design of the era undergo a drastic change, as well as a number of flashbacks to Nucky's childhood, including younger iterations of characters past. Lest we forget, the newest promo also checks in with Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Margaret Thompson, Chalky White, Valentin Narcisse, and more

Elsewhere, we know that the final season of 'Boardwalk Empire' will premiere on September 7, the first of only eight episodes to close out the series. No major casting announcements for the final season have yet been revealed, though we've at least seen the haunting first teaser with Nucky in silhouette, amid shots of an abandoned boardwalk.

We've included the featurette above, but what do you think? Are you eager to begin the final round of 'Boardwalk Empire,' short as it may be? Tell us what you want to see when season 5 begins our end on September 7!